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Bill Sturrock of Scotmaps needs our help – and we need to help him!

If it hadn’t been for Bill, rallying in the UK might well have been stopped by now If it hadn’t been for rallying, Bill wouldn’t be in the position he’s currently in! We need to help.It’s not just a moral duty, the sport owes him.
Please contribute whatever you can.

When a former competitor sought to sue him following an accident on a rally 8 years ago, Bill had no choice but to fight the case. The competitor raised the action using a ‘no win, no fee’ legal team. They were looking for damages in the region of £2.5m and the Scotmaps insurance was limited to £1m. In other words, Bill was screwed either way, he had to fight.

Bill won the initial court case and the appeal, but it has cost him dear. His house and his business premises are under threat from the bank and there is no likelihood of him ever recouping his costs from the pursuer.

So why should we all help?
Had Bill given in to this original action, it would have established a serious precedent in British motor sport which could ultimately have threatened the very existence of all disciplines of amateur motor sport in the country.

That’s why we all owe him so much.

The Sport’s governing body, the MSA Ltd, also took the view that the loss of this case could have had a significant impact on the future of motor sport. A fund has now been set up to help Bill. It’s not just the financial cost that is creating a huge burden, there is a personal cost too which cannot be quantified in money.

Please donate whatever you can to help. All donations should be sent to:

Full details of how you can donate to the SOS fund in the Donations section.

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